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Acoustic Panels

Acoustic wall panels are a cost effective and attractive means of providing your venue with the highest quality audio performance.

Sound reflecting off walls, windows and other hard surfaces can make music sound like it came through a can of cola, and voices sound like they were delivered from the far side of the Grand Canyon.  Making your theatre, cinema or sound stage acoustically efficient is an important element in effective presentation.

Specialty Cinema understands that, while wall curtains are an exceptionally effective way of maintaining optimum sound quality, they’re not practical in every situation; for example, on walls with large windows.  Acoustic panels provide a highly efficient alternative to curtains, and Specialty Cinema has launched a new range of robust acoustic panels in a variety of colours, covered in sound-absorbing wool or any other suitable fabric.  Our dedicated design team will be happy to give advice on the size, shape and number of panels your venue requires, to make whatever it is you’re showing sound as good as it looks.   Call or e-mail us today for a no-obligation quote.

Acoustic Panels Description:

  • Square and rectangular shaped panels, batten fixed to side walls and directly fixed to rear walls
  • Fully acoustically tested, achieves excellent reults under THX conditions
  • Incorporates 50mm thick open cell fire retardent grade acoustic foam
  • Decorative buttons may be fitted
  • Selected upholstery to match or contrast adjacent surfaces
  • Size modules of 350mm, 700mm, 1050mm and 1400mm available
  • Velcro or adhesive fixed to wall surfaces